Notes from March 28th

Editing meeting at Steve Wyttree’s production center

We took a brief time to review the Film Alliance NW mission statement and our goals for this project.

FAN Mission Statement

As stated in our mission statement: Film Alliance NW is dedicated to providing an open forum for all inland Northwest film, video, media, and live entertainment professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts in an effort to promote knowledge, education, training, and networking.


In the process of honoring our veterans and witnessing their stories, our goal is for members to learn from this project and also to create a great product.
Steve Wyttree, the director and editor for this film, spent some time teaching all of us about the editing process. (He did an “awesome” job!) After a great discussion about the film, Steve decided he will be filming two or three more specific veteran’s stories (at least two women). We will create a script to begin the documentary and tie it together. Steve would love for you to come and help him or just stay, watch, and learn while he films. We will keep you informed as to time.

We are pleased to have all of you working and learning with us. Let’s bring film to this area!