Post Falls Police Department PSA

Post Falls Police Department PSA

In April 2011, kNIFVES filmed a PSA for the Post Falls Police Department’s (PFPD) domestic abuse unit.

The PSA, which kNIFVES wrote and filmed for free, was created to educate the public about the high rate of domestic abuse in the area and to share information about the PFPD domestic violence hotline.

“Kootenai County has the highest rate of domestic violence per capita in the state of Idaho,” Eismann said. “It’s really important people are aware of it and we can get them the help they need.” – Bridget Eismann, PFPD crime victim advocate

The kNIFVES Screenwriting Special Interest Group (SIG) produced 13 potential scripts. Three were sent to the PFPD for review. Once they chose a final script, Line Producer Karla Petermann organized the shoot, gathering an experienced production crew, organizing a workshop, and finding talent. Under the direction of Gary Edwards, the kNIFVES Composing SIG created music for the project.

The PSA, directed by kNIFVES president and seasoned professional, WJ Lazerus, was shot at the PFPD safe house in Post Falls and the PFPD generously provided food for the

cast, crew, and students throughout the weekend. Paul Brand, kNIFVES Production SIG leader shot the PSA and completed the editing. The PSA can be seen on local television stations and between films at North Idaho Regal Cinemas.

kNIFVEs would like to thank the following people for the generous contribution of their time, talent, and equipment for this project which has the potential to save lives:

Domestic Abuse PSA Crew

W.J. Lazerus – Director

Karla Petermann – Line Producer

Ted Parvin – Assistant Producer

Paul Brand – Camera/Editor

John Bateman – Director of Photography

Michael Nator – Grip/Electric Swing

Brandon Ruiz – Grip/Electric Swing

Tom Taylor – Sound/Boom Operator

Bill Essary – Editor

Mary Jane Honegger – Screenwriter/Props

Bob Johnson – Props

Katie Edwards – Makeup

Kathy Edwards – Wardrobe/Hair

Anne Mitchell – Casting Director

Janice Jarzabek – Still Photographer

Bernice Webb – Production Assistant

Beth Bollinger – Production Assistant

Domestic Abuse PSA Cast

Karenna Jones – Actor/Teenage Girl

Aaron Reed – Actor/Teenage Boy

Elsie Patrick – Actor/Woman 50’s

Elisha Gunn – Actor/Woman 30’s

Jon Jordan – Actor/Man 30’s

Sophia Anderson – Actor/Girl – 7 yrs