Thursday, April12
6:30 pm


White Tree Studio (Steve Wyttree’s Studio)
2775 Howard Street, CDA

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Meeting Cost: $5  (First time guests and current members are free.)  All Are Welcome!

Speaker: Zak Adams

This month’s speaker will be Zak Adams from the Kroc Center. He will be discussing audio and video programs that the Kroc Center can offer our members. He will also discuss current events going on at the Kroc Center.


I have been working as a film maker and motion graphics artist for the last 8 years. I love helping businesses and non-profits share their stories with their patrons. In addition to short-form film making, I specialize in clean, custom motion graphic design and templating that fits your brand and communicates your values. I call Coeur d’Alene, Idaho home. I live here with my awesome wife and two daughters. I’m also involved in the leadership of a local church.