I hope by the time you read this material….

that smoke in our atmosphere will be completely gone. It wasn’t just a distraction, it’s a monumental distraction. Some of you probably stayed inside while the smoke lingered in our area. How could anyone shoot film or video when you can’t see the subject only five feet away? Besides that, the air isn’t that great to breathe. So, I think it’s OK to come out and attend our meeting this week.

We did have an opportunity this past month to spread the word about FAN. Several of us spent a good part of three days at SPO-CON, the sci-fi and fantasy convention.

In the past the science fiction and fantasy people have somewhat ignored the film community right across their border with Idaho. Kimberlynn Budde did a presentation on make-up. Bob Johnson and Larry Telles covered the basics of screenwriting, and Nancy Hanks, Joni Bartel, and Steve Wyttree, discussed making movies and used Nancy’s production of Across Bank Street: Portal to the Clockworld as their presentation example.

Getting the word out about FAN is part of our job. Likewise, letting the board know what kind of programs you would like to see is also part of your job. We have a diverse group, and I want as your president to do the best I can in that task. So why not make it a point to come to the meeting and let one of the board members hear your request. We need to function as a group. Come and be heard. Thanks.