SpoCon Sci-Fi Convention

In a few days we have a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and advance our cause. This opportunity is called the SpoCon Sci-Fi Convention right in our own back yard. In the past the science fiction and fantasy people have ignored the film community somewhat, but not this year. Six of our members with be giving presentations. Kimberlynn Budde will be covering make-up, Bob Johnson and Larry Telles with take on the basics of screenwriting, and Nancy Hanks, Joni Bartel and Steve Wyttree with discuss making movies and will use Nancy’s production of Across Bank Street: Portal to the Clockworld as their presentation example.

This is a chance to help someone with your filming expertise, or someone who has an idea but doesn’t know how to get it on paper, let alone into a working film project. It’s an outlet, window of opportunity, or some place to find a collaborator.  Have a look at SPOCON.ORG and see when our members are giving presentations. You might even want to go and be there at the event.

August Meeting

Our regular August meeting is at Seasons this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Maybe we can get a car pool together and have Film Alliance Northwest be well represented. Hope you can make the meeting. My good friend Rod Anderson will be our speaker. His subject is near and dear to my heart in two ways.

He will cover an alternative to Microsoft Windows called Linux which is free on the Internet. That operating system has more than a handful of free editing software available. The best part is that Linux needs no virus or Trojan House protection. All that and it’s free! Hope to see you at the meeting.