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August General Meeting

Thursday, August 10
6:30 pm

Location: Seasons Fresh Grill

209 E Lakeside Ave, CDA

Please RSVP now to:
Meeting Cost: $5  (First time guests and current members are free.)  All Are Welcome!

Speaker: Rod Anderson

Rod Anderson is a retired member of the forestry service. He is a Linux guru who several years ago ran as fast as he could away from the Windows operating system. The Linux operating system and 99% of all the software is free for the taking. Rod enjoys his other pastime, that of Ham Radio which Linux also pays an important part. He joined Film Alliance Northwest because he was curious about animation.

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President’s Message

SpoCon Sci-Fi Convention

In a few days we have a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and advance our cause. This opportunity is called the SpoCon Sci-Fi Convention right in our own back yard. In the past the science fiction and fantasy people have ignored the film community somewhat, but not this year. Six of our members with be giving presentations. Kimberlynn Budde will be covering make-up, Bob Johnson and Larry Telles with take on the basics of screenwriting, and Nancy Hanks, Joni Bartel and Steve Wyttree with discuss making movies and will use Nancy’s production of Across Bank Street: Portal to the Clockworld as their presentation example.

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The Rise of the Studio – Selig Polyscope

Parts 14 in a History of Film Series by Larry Telles

willam-selig William Nicholas Selig was born on March 14, 1864 and raised in Chicago in a Bohemian-Polish immigrant family. After starting as a furniture upholsterer, he worked as a vaudeville performer and produced a traveling minstrel show in San Francisco while still in his late teens. Selig saw Thomas Edison’s Kinetoscope at an exhibition in Dallas, Texas and returned home to Chicago. He opened a small photography studio and began investigating how he might make his own moving pictures without paying a patent fee to Edison’s company. Together with his machinist, were able to build their own camera, the Selig Standard Camera.

In 1896, Selig founded the Selig Polyscope Company in Chicago, which was one of the first motion picture studios in America. He began making actuality shorts, travelogues

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The Fall of the Studio – Essanay Film Company

Parts 13 in a History of Film Series by Larry Telles

Marguerite ClaytonIt took over a year for the decline inside Essanay to cause its doors to close. It wasn’t any one thing that caused the problem, but a multitude. Marguerite Clayton, Broncho Billy Anderson’s leading lady left for the Chicago studio. Spoor continued to not allow Anderson to make feature films in Niles. Roy Clements who had directed the Snakeville Comedies left for Los Angeles. Victor Potel went with him. Roy was replaced by Wallace Beery. victor potel

With the departure of studio’s biggest moneymaker, Chaplin, Essanay signed French comedian Max Linder. His clever pantomime was often compared to Chaplin’s. Linder failed to match Chaplin’s popularity in America.

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CDA Press Features Film Alliance Project

‘Slammin’ the Scammin’

Crystal Reiber slammed down the phone, exhaled heavily and shook her head in dismay.
“Scammers,” she said under her breath.

Although the disgust with telephone scammers was feigned for a video shoot Tuesday afternoon,

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